Tax Junk Food Not Meat, Jury Says

Tax Junk Food Not Meat, Jury Says

A tax should be used to shift people away from ultra-processed foods rather than to make meat more expensive, according to a panel of experts.

A simplistic tax on all meat is too blunt a policy tool, according to a jury at an event convened by the Food Ethics Council to scrutinise the idea of a UK meat tax.

Representatives from the NFU and the Sustainable Food Trust challenged the idea that a meat tax was necessary and inevitable to address the health and environmental issues associated with its consumption, arguing that eating meat in moderation can have nutritional value, while sustainable livestock production can have benefits for people and the environment.

Arguing in favour of a meat tax, representatives from the University of Oxford and the Institute of Development Studies gave evidence of the negative health impacts of consuming processed and ultra-processed meat, which include higher mortality rates and cardio-vascular disease.

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