About us

Meatex – the meat trading portal for industry professionals

Our mission is to give all of our customers – retailers, wholesalers, caterers and manufacturers – equal access to the best products and prices in the industry.

Over a number of years, the meat industry’s seen lots of consolidations and mergers that have resulted in fewer, bigger companies that focus on supermarkets, meaning smaller businesses have been squeezed out.

Meatex exists to give everyone access to the best products and prices.

Your meat wholesaler – giving you access to a bigger market

Meatex is your gateway to the big players in the meat industry. Because we enjoy a great level of buying power, we can get access to the best products at the best prices and pass this along to you as our customer.

We supply the best meat products to a whole range of businesses, including meat wholesalers, caterers, retail butchers and manufacturers.

We’ve always got time for everyone, and our business has been built on long-term relationships with customers just like you. We’re only a phone call away, ensuring every customer can get the information and personalised service they need.

The Meatex online meat portal

The meat industry isn’t one that you’d usually associate with the use of technology – in fact it can be distinctly old-fashioned at times.

Meatex embraces technology to help make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy from us. Part of our business model is to reinvest in improving our website and digital communications so we can always give you the very best customer service.

Our history

Meatex was founded by Tony Vardy in 2012, when he started the business working from his home in Seaford, on the south coast of East Sussex in the UK.

Tony started his career working as an apprentice butcher in 1983 and has been involved in the meat industry ever since.

After working as a butcher for a number of years, he became a slaughterman and then a hide demonstrator, working as a meat industry troubleshooter for factories around the world. Eventually he became the manager of an abattoir.

One Friday, the boss of the abattoir said to Tony, “I like the way you talk to people, how’d you like to try selling?” After giving it about five minutes thought, Tony said yes and went upstairs to the office and has been selling ever since. That was over 20 years ago.

Meatex has always operated as a meat trader – at the start, it was just on a smaller scale. Tony saw an opportunity to do things differently – and better – than his well-established competitors, and set up Meatex as a web-based business to challenge how everyone else was doing it.

As well as listing the products for sale, the original site included News, Events and Jobs listings, and grew to became something of a portal for the meat industry.

After starting the business with just his wife, who is still a company director, Meatex took on its first employee in 2015, quickly followed by another. In 2018, the company moved to its current offices in the centre of Seaford, adding a further two members of staff.

The Meatex group now employs over fifty people across three sites including the head office in Seaford, a wholesale depot in Telford and a seafood factory in Grimsby.

Just like Tony, everyone else on the Meatex team has worked in the meat industry for years, so whenever you call, you know you’re going to deal with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Meatex credentials

Meatex supplies customers all over the UK, Ireland (North and South) and Europe.

Meatex has certification from Red Tractor, MSC, ASC and QSM (Quality Standard Mark) We have AA grade certification for the BRC Global Standard.

Our head office is based in Seaford on the south east coast of England. It’s a registered company in the UK – company number 08171147.

MSC Registration Number: MSC-C-58165  ASC Registration Number: ASC-C-02839