Food Safety and Quality Policy

Food Safety and Quality Policy

The Directors and Senior Management at Meatex Ltd are fully committed to ensure all our products are sourced and produced in such a manner to ensure product quality, authenticity, legality and safety at all stages of their operation, from raw material sourcing, product, transportation and storage through to delivery of the product to our customers.

The company is committed to provide all necessary resources to ensure that all operations are carried out to the BRCGS for Agents & Brokers.

Within the operation of our business, we believe that ensuring product quality is everyone’s responsibility. The Management team at Meatex Ltd are dedicated to reinforcing the importance and consistency of quality throughout the purchasing, sourcing and selling of meat in all aspects of our operation.


Our Company will work to:

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant UK and EU food safety legislation
  • We will source Seafood from Msc and Meat from Red Tractor approved suppliers where possible and maintain traceability from each step in the chain with the MSC CoC / Red Tractor requirements
  • We will ensure our suppliers apply ‘best practice’ in the management and control of any associated food safety hazards, product legality and maintain continued product quality, authenticity and full traceability from farm to fork where certification is a key element.
  • We will define appropriate supplier and customer standards and systems of control for raw material sourcing, storage and distribution. These systems will include Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Industry guides on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Customer complaint procedures, Traceability systems and Crisis Management procedures.
  • Monitor the compliance and effectiveness of these standards through our Quality Management System and build a culture of customer service, food safety and quality within Meatex Trading Ltd.
  • Develop, support and recognise our employees, so that they can take responsibility for the improvement of quality and encourage a ‘right first time’ attitude.
  • Ensure a full and robust traceability system is in place for the products we source and supply on to our customers.
  • The company is committed to providing resources to maintain and improve the food safety and quality management system in order to enhance customer satisfaction and continually improve its effectiveness.


Signed:                                             Date: 24.8.23

Tony Vardy

Managing Director