Abattoir Operatives

Company: ABP
Location: Shropshire
Salary: Piece rate paid
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Job Role:
The successful candidate will be responsible for processing cattle in accordance with health and safety and animal welfare standards.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

You will be responsible for the following duties in the department in accordance with individual training and licensing as applicable: stunning, hoisting, sticking, bleeding, legging, flanking, rodding, electrical stimulation, hide removal, brisket saw, evisceration, splitting saw and preparatory trimming.

You will be responsible for maximising the yield of the product and minimising waste to ensure production is as efficient as possible.

You will be required to undertake such duties as required in a safe manner and be required to fully engage in all aspects of training and development.

Knowledge and Experience:
A high standard of personal cleanliness
A team player
Good communication skills
Basic practical skills
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