Start selling your own products with Meatex

With Meatex, you can reach a wide audience and increase visibility among interested buyers through our extensive network. Start selling your own meat or fish products with Meatex today and unlock your business’s full potential!

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How it works

Want to sell your products to a wide network of butchers, wholesalers, manufacturers and caterers?

Our quick and easy system instantly puts your products in front of potential buyers. And the best part? It’s completely free to list!  You only pay a 5% fee when your product is sold.

Plus, with our 7-day payment guarantee, you’ll receive your payment within a week of delivery. Rest easy knowing that Meatex invoice and credit insure the customer.

Start selling with confidence today!

Stage 1
Fill in the form

Just fill in the online form with your product details and submit it. If you have more than one product, complete one form per product. Our team will check the details and contact you to confirm your listing which we will then upload to our site.

Stage 2
Your product listing is published

Once your product is approved, it’s published on our website where we have a huge network of interested buyers.

Stage 3
We liaise with the buyer

We deal with the payments and once the sale is complete, we take a 5% commission of the invoice value. The rest is paid directly to you.

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Why it works

Looking for an effective way to sell your products quickly and increase brand awareness? Look no further! Our extensive network and strong reputation make us the ideal platform to reach a large pool of buyers, both old and new.

Reach more buyers

Our high-ranking website and top-notch sales team guarantee maximum reach and success. We ensure your products are seen by the right audience.

Raise brand awareness

Our large, engaged network know and respect our reputation which in turn helps boost your brand awareness and increases customer confidence in your products.

Low fees

Transparent pricing. Fixed 5% commission. Because of our strong position in the meat industry, we’re able to offer low fees and you only pay when you sell. Our easy system means you can sell your products quickly and saves you the time and hassle of trying to find other buyers.