Deadweight lamb prices leap up again

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The GB OSL liveweight SQQ remained relatively steady in the week ending 19 February. Prices averaged 238.94p/kg, just 0.02p more than in the previous week. Nevertheless, prices remain almost 50p above the same week last year. Prices reached a peak on Tuesday, averaging 243.51p/kg, but then dropped back as the week closed.

Throughputs rose considerably, totalling 115,800 head, 11% (11,400 head) more than in the previous week. This uplift may be a reflection of producers taking advantage of the current good prices. Cull ewe throughputs also saw a similar uplift, increasing by 12% (3,300 head) to reach 31,800 head.

In the week ended 15 February, the GB deadweight OSL SQQ increased by 26.2p, to average 522.8p/kg. This is the highest average weekly price since June 2018, and puts prices almost £1 above the same week last year. Estimated slaughter also rose on the week, increasing by 10,600 head (6%) to total 202,400 head.


Felicity Rusk

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