ASF Greece: No further cases reported so far

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The outbreak of African Swine Fever on a small backyard farm in Greece for now appears to have been an isolated case. .Additional research has not demonstrated a spread.

Immediately after the discovery of the outbreak on February 3, protective measures were put in place. The farm, in Nikoklia village, near the town Serres in northern Greece, had 32 pigs of which 1 had died of African Swine Fever. The authorities had animals culled in a 3km radius around the farm and transport bans were put in place in a 10km radius around the farm.

According to the Greek agricultural title Ypaithros, surveillance has been carried out in an area extending up to 20km in the surroundings. Intensive controls will continue until April 6.

The website wrote: “The control for the central municipality has been completed, as well as in 2 more municipalities in the wider surveillance zone, with no new outbreak detected.” According to Ypaithros, 5 teams of veterinarians will continue to go door-to-door to assess the situation.



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