AIMS calls for ‘flexible furlough’ for meat plants

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The Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) is calling on the Government to introduce a flexible furlough scheme for the meat industry.

It wants abattoirs to be able to be able pay full wages when staff are needed and the 80% furlough payment when they are not needed.

AIMS head of policy Norman Bagley said the association welcomed the measures taken by the Government during the ‘national emergency’, particularly the ‘Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’, which allows for staff to be furloughed, that is laid off for the duration of the crisis, while the Government pays 80% of their wages.

“But as it stands, this is very much a one size fits all scheme and simply doesn’t taken into account the differences that exist from industry to industry,” he said.

AIMS has discussed the issue with ‘many members across all different points within the supply chain’.

“What we are hearing is that many have seen a downturn in their businesses but do not have the need to fully close,” Mr Bagley said.




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