Time is running out for Britian’s meat sector, warns BMPA

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In 2021, the way in which the UK trades with the EU is going to change significantly, but Government is yet to secure a plan. Here, the BMPA outlines its concerns and what is needed.

A significant of number of people believe the UK currently ‘exports’ goods to Europe, but this is not actually correct.

In 2020 and for the previous 46 years, delivering a lorry load of product to Berlin has been exactly the same as delivering it to Birmingham. No special export certificates, customs declarations or border inspections are required, and no duties are paid. Goods travel anywhere in the EU with a simple invoice. They are ‘delivered’ rather than ‘exported’.

However, on 31 December 2020 this will change.

“Regardless of whether the Government secures a trade deal or not, British companies are going to be hit with a tsunami of red tape and extra costs,” said Nick Allen, CEO of the BMPA. “It really doesn’t matter what agreement is reached on tariffs or quotas or standards; once we’re out, the UK becomes a ‘Third Country’ at which point we have no choice but to introduce border checks and additional customs declarations.

“The alarming fact is that, despite having known this for some time, the Government still has no plan for exactly how this will be implemented. Even preparations for ‘no deal’ vastly underestimate the additional ‘boots on the ground’ this will require and the sheer scale of delays, disruption and extra cost that will hit our supply chains.”

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