Pork plants continuing to cope with COVID-19 but supplies tight

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As pork plants in Europe suffer significant disruption, major UK pork processors are continuing to cope with COVID-19 staffing issues, although supplies remain tight, according to Thames Valley Cambac.

In its latest market report, TVC said: “Supply yet again remained tight but processors seem to now understand the shortage there is for pig meat, not just by increasing prices, but also taking an active role to cutting kill days and utilising this time for factory maintenance.

“Luckily most majors in the UK seem to be coping with the Coronavirus crisis okay, unlike some processing plants in other European countries, Germany especially being hit rather hard, with the biggest processor having to close due to over 60% of its staff contracting the virus.”

This closure of the Tönnies plant in Germany is having a knock-on effect on the UK cull sow market. Limited numbers are being killed here, due to logistical and staff issues in plants, TVC said.

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