GB pig prices for week ending July 11, 2020 – SPP declines

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AHDB Pork’s weekly pig prices, slaughter data and commentary for Great Britain

The EU-spec SPP averaged 165.36p/kg in the week ended July. 11, a slight fall of 0.14p compared to the previous week and the first time prices have dropped for six weeks. Compared with the same week last year, the SPP was 13p higher.

Prices for pigs within the key 70-104.9kg weight band were more stable, falling by just 0.06p to 166.02p/kg. The price for pigs 105kg and over particularly fell in the latest week, dropping by 0.88p to 125.95p/kg. These pigs remain a small part of the sample overall (1%), though numbers in this category were up on the week. The 60-69.9kg category, which represented about 4% of the sample, also fell by 0.23p to 163.93p/kg.

Throughput for the week stood at 161,700 head, only slightly lower than a year earlier but 5% down on the previous week. At 85.00kg, carcase weights were again well over a kilo higher year-on-year.

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