Lamb prices buck seasonal averages

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This summer has been extraordinary for producers selling early-finishing new season lambs, with prices holding up at a time when they would traditionally slide as volumes build, according to Quality Meat Scotland.

Having averaged 5-10% higher than last year through May and June, prices were then around 20-25% higher than both 2019 and their five-year average, at 215-225p/kg.

This has been despite auction volumes building quickly and exceeding their 5-year average by a wide margin, QMS said as part of its latest market commentary.

β€œA relatively benign spring may mean that the recent strength in supply has at least in part reflected a good lambing,” said Iain Macdonald, senior economics analyst at QMS.

β€œIn Scotland and England, December census results signalled a slight lift in the breeding flock, so any improvement in lambing would have resulted in an increased number of lambs on the ground,” he added.

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