UK pig backlog must be cleared ahead of festive period – TVC

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The UK backlog of pigs needs to cleared quickly ahead of the looming festive period, according to Thames Valley Cambac.

In its weekly update, TVC said the market remained largely unchanged last week, with processors killing as many pigs as possible, which is generally being governed by capacity within their butchery facilities,

“Saturday kills are being undertaken by some to catch up on lost kill to service increasing retailer demand, although this is being played down, coupled to the fact that demand from China is growing at a not insignificant pace,” it said.

“These flames have been fanned by Germany having to instantly stop shipping East as a consequence of the ASF lockdown, which has provided a huge platform for the rest of the EU including the UK to climb on to.”

“However, the grey cloud is the amount of German product currently not finding a home and reports of pigs now backing up on farms as processors struggle to clear normal kills.”

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