BBC admits meat documentary breached impartiality guidelines

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A controversial BBC programme which blamed livestock production for climate change has been pulled off iPlayer after the broadcaster admitted it breached impartiality guidelines.

The NFU issued a complaint to the BBC over inaccuracy and bias in its hour-long documentary ‘Meat: A Threat To Our Planet?’ which aired on November 25, 2019.

NFU director of communications Fran Barnes, who escalated the complaint to Ofcom when the BBC failed to act, said: “It was clear when the programme was broadcast that it fell short of the BBC’s guidelines concerning impartiality. We believed at the time that the programme was created to push a specific viewpoint.

“It has also been incredibly frustrating that it has taken 10 months for the BBC to acknowledge this and to apologise, and that we have had to escalate this complaint to Ofcom in the absence of a timely response from the BBC.

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