Ag Bill secures fairer share of red meat levy for GB nations

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Changes to the distribution of the GB red meat levy will be implemented next year, with Scotland and Wales receiving more than £1m from English abattoirs.

The passing of the Agriculture Bill has helped secure a fairer share of the red meat levy for England, Scotland and Wales.

The changes, to begin from April 2021, recognise cross-border livestock movement, and will provide greater transparency to farmers and processors in each nation.

It has been a long-running objective for all three boards – AHDB, Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC), and Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) – to have direct control over home-generated levies for domestic marketing campaigns, industry development and export activities.

The three levy bodies have worked together to identify a mechanism that can underpin the redistribution of red meat levies, which will be updated each year.

The new scheme, which will replace the collaborative ring-fenced fund, will see more than £1m of levy collected in English abattoirs return to each of Scotland and Wales.

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