Farmers drown out vegan campaign with pro meat messaging

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A bevy of pro meat messages have been shared on social media and in the national press in a bid to combat anti-farming messages spread by Veganuary activists this month.

Regenuary, an initiative set up by The Ethical Butcher, an online shop selling ethically sourced meats from UK farmers, is encouraging people to eat foods that are local, seasonal and farmed using regenerative methods.

The movement has attracted more than 1 million views and comes as a counter to Veganuary, an anti-meat and animal product campaign which takes place every January.

“It is not vegan versus omnivore, it is about making better choices about the produce we choose to eat and understanding how important it is to know where our food has come from and the impact it has on the planet,” The Ethical Butcher said.

“In essence, Regenuary is about asking questions.”



by Hannah Binns

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