Baths have higher carbon footprint than beef

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Running a bath can have a higher carbon footprint than eating 4oz of British beef, the author of a new book has said.

Jayne Buxton, whose work The Great Plant-Based Con advocates a common sense approach to diet, blamed the growth of the ‘epidemiology industry’ for an ‘endless stream of company-funded’ university studies which seek to vilify farmers for the climate crisis.

She said: “The research often provides very weak associations, but it plays into the hands of the media who need a constant stream of headlines such as, ‘Eating meat takes 10 days off your life’ or ‘Eat vegan, live longer’.

“The carbohydrate and food processing companies can profit from this message and encourage the media to amplify it, which keeps it at the front of everybody’s minds.”

Ms Buxton, who is an ambassador for the Real Food Campaign and the Public Health Collaboration, said she had consulted ‘an army’ of scientists for the book, which seeks to redress the balance around the quantity and quality of ‘facts’ that are doled out to the public.


Alex Black / Farmers Guardian

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