Reviving UK Pork Exports to China

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Defra Secretary Thérèse Coffey has discussed the suspension of pork exports to China from key UK pork plants during a visit to the country this week.

China suspended the export licences from three key UK pork plants during the Covid epidemic – Pilgrim’s Ashton plant, which has since closed, and Cranswick’s Watton plant and the Brechin plant, taken over last year by the Brown Food Group, which remain unable to ship pork to China.

Industry figures believe the failure to lift the suspensions, even after any risk of Covid has long passed, is politically moitivated and have been urging the Government to intervene.

Ms Coffey visited China between Tuesday and Thursday this week, aiming to bolster UK food and drink exports and to promote international cooperation on environmental and wildlife issues.

There was a particular focus on increasing pork market access by removing the two pork plant suspension. China is the biggest importer of UK pork products, with just £200m shipped there in 2022. UK pork exports to China soared in the wake of its African swine fever outbreak, reaching £280m in 2022.



by Alistair Driver | Pig World

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