Serbian poultry farmers want access to the European market

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Access to the European poultry market could effectively double Serbian poultry production, a local poultry association estimated.

Poultry production in Serbia is thriving, especially by the gauge of the local livestock industry, Ivan Stanojlović, chairman of the Serbian association of poultry farmers, told local channel AgroTV. While the African swine fever virus has wreaked havoc on the pig industry, and cattle breeding has been in trouble for decades, poultry farmers are doing exceptionally well.

Poultry breeders currently almost fully meet the demand on the domestic market. To get a new impetus for development, the sector needs to unravel its export potential, according to Stanojlović.

“The biggest issue is that we, as an industry, currently have not been authorised to export chicken meat, day-old chicks or eggs to the European Union,” Stanojlović said, adding that the members association are putting a lot of effort into get the green light to sell poultry products to the European customers, including by liaising with the Serbian Agricultural Ministry.

“I believe that technologically, we are already ready for Europe, and considering our food products are more affordable, we can also be competitive pricewise,” Stanojlovic claimed.


Vladislav Vorotnikov | Poultry World

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