Castrate squirrels and serve prisoners culled deer meat, says latest net zero plan

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Squirrels will be chemically castrated and deer will be culled, cooked and served to prisoners under net zero plans to protect England’s trees.

The Government is drawing up options to control the deer and squirrel population to protect woodlands in an effort to limit the nation’s carbon output and help native species.

The highest deer population for 1,000 years is devastating woodland, while grey squirrels are estimated to cost the economy £37 million per year in negative impacts to trees, whilst ravaging red squirrel populations.

The risks to woodlands also threaten to undermine efforts to increase the use of timber frame house building, under plans to reduce carbon output in the construction industry.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is due to publish both a deer and squirrel strategy to tackle the issue.



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