Romania’s poultry industry leader expects to double turnover and profit by 2026

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Building on the momentum of the last three years and having successfully achieved its overall turnover and profit targets in the previous year, TRANSAVIA, Romania’s chicken market leader, announces its Solid Growth Acceleration Plan for the next 3 years, with a doubling of turnover and profit by 2026.

After the best year in the company’s almost 33-year history, with revenues of more than 1 billion lei ( 1 RON lei = 0,20 EUR) and a record profit for the sector, with a positive evolution compared to the previous year, the largest company in the poultry sector in the country expects top results for the near future, as a natural continuation of the sustained investments and success so far.

“We always do what we say and say what we do. In recent years, when we have all faced immense pressure caused by the pandemic, unprecedented inflation and a global multi-crisis, we have managed to significantly increase our turnover and achieve record profits in the sector. And we have achieved this top performance because we have a team of professionals who always do things exactly as they should with very good results, proven by market share and export success. We have products that Romanians and consumers everywhere trust, being natural, safe and of the highest quality, with relevant, prestigious international certifications. We have discipline, proven efficiency and we have what many lack: vision, courage and the resources needed due to healthy profits, growing year after year. We are probably the only company in the industry that is debt-free and able to invest heavily from our own funds. Our plan reflects our vision and strength, and the results we have achieved so far support our ambition to double our business in the next 3 years,” says┬áDr. Eng. Ioan Popa, Chairman and Founder of TRANSAVIA.

It’s time for Romania’s poultry industry leader to aim higher!

The top performance in the food industry recorded by the poultry industry leader is based on a disciplined approach that prioritizes customer trust and respect in the industry, massive and sustained investment, innovation and honest communication and marketing. With 100% integration of the entire production chain, from grain to fork, the company completely controls the safety and quality of the products offered, as well as the cost of production being the only producer in the region that exclusively raises, slaughters and processes chickens from owned facilities. This strong differentiator gives the TRANSAVIA business a distinct competitive advantage in the local and international chicken meat market, which has stimulated the consolidation of its position as market leader in the country and the increase in exports, currently standing at about 30% of production.

Euro Meat Team

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