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  • Product description

    Breaded Cod Bites in a light crispy breadcrumb

    • 1kg bags (5 x1kg bags in a box)
    • Pieces of boneless Cod fillet
    • Natural crumb
  • Additional Info

    5kg case

    Inner: 2 (7” x 11”) Poly bags
    Outer: Printed Norvik Ltd case with Descriptive Label

    Pieces of boneless Salmon fillet, diced into chunks approximately 18-23 mm coated in a golden bread crumb, flash fried, frozen individually and packed into inner bags, placed in cardboard carton sealed and metal detected.

    Ingredient List: Salmon (50%), Breadcrumbs ( WHEATflour, GLUTEN, Salt, Water) Batter (Water, WHEATflour, GLUTEN, Salt) Rapeseed Oil

  • Packaging

    - Fixed weight

    - -/+ 5kg cartons

    - 5 x 1 kg bags per case

  • Labels

    The product has the following information on the label:

    - Net weight

    - Production date

    - Pack date

    - Expiry / best before date

  • Spec Sheets

    The product has the following spec sheets available to download:

    Breaded_Cod_Bites Spec incl Nutritionals_06-01-22