Salmon Fillets

Product Code: SF60-1

Versatile. Storm frozen TrimD salmon fillets offer versatility and can be sold as whole fillets, cut into portions and loins and used for sushi/sashimi. The skin is excellent for production of sushi rolls, and can be made deliciously crisp on a grill.

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kilograms available
  • Product description

    D Trim Salmon Fillets * Frozen & descaled.
  • Additional Info

    d trim salmon fillet frozen
    2-4 lbs fillet weight
    500 kilos per pallet
    catch-weight cases ( approx 15 kilos per case)
    Norway origin, processed UK

    They are IQF, with a layer of liner between each fillet
    Min Protective glaze
    Prod date Oct 2019

  • Packaging

    - Fixed weight

    - -/+ 15kg cartons

  • Labels

    The product has the following information on the label:

    - Net weight

    - Production date

    - Pack date

    - Expiry / best before date