West Scottish Lamb abattoir to close temporarily

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A CARLISLE abattoir was today due to close temporarily as the economic impact from coronavirus continued to spread and deepen across the global economy.

West Scottish Lamb at Kingstown, which is known to slaughter large numbers of sheep for export to Europe, confirmed the shutdown yesterday. Nobody there was available for comment.

Carl Hudspith, from the office of the north west National Farmers’ Union, said the Carlisle abattoir was probably one among many that are being affected by the break in supply chains as food outlets close in their thousands.

Eden Valley farmer Les Armstrong said: “I hope that lessons will be learned from this: our food supply chains and food production have been taken for granted.”

Maurice Wharton, from the Black Brow Abattoir near Wigton, also spoke of the impact there, saying: “I’ve been in the meat trade for more than 50 years and we came through foot and mouth – and that was dreadful “But this is every bit as bad.”


By Phil Coleman

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