Devon 2 Sisters factory hit by ‘key worker’ strike involving 170 employees

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A Devon meat factory was hit by a strike today when 170 ‘key workers’ failed to show up for the morning shift at the 2 Sisters factory in Willand.

The huge poultry processing plant confirmed that some of its staff ‘chose not to report into work’ on Tuesday.

The company, which has been working to ‘feed the nation’ during the coronavirus crisis, said the issue had nothing to do with social distancing and was about pay, terms and conditions.

Management at the factory, which employs more than 1,000, were taken by surprise at the impromptu action.

A spokesman for the site said: “We are disappointed that a small percentage of workers chose not to report into work today. Both management and union officials were unaware this was happening at a time when we’re working extremely hard as a unified team to help feed the nation.

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