Farmer urges others to inspire consumers with Scotch Lamb PGI

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Farmers play an ‘important role’ in encouraging consumers to view Scotch Lamb PGI as a shopping essential and to help promote it as a versatile ingredient.

This is according to Fife sheep farmer George Milne, who is a passionate advocate of farm visits and the need for children to be exposed to agriculture before they leave school.

The Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Board Member wants to help inspire consumers to include home-produced Scotch Lamb in their regular diet.

“Lamb is an unsung hero of Scottish produce,” he said, adding that farmers should do more to promote the meat to the public.

“Consumers should be proud of Scottish agriculture and the farmers that produce their food,” Mr Milne added.

Although farm visits are not available right now, he said farmers could use this opportunity to think more about educating and building trust with consumers.

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