More rolled pigs as staff issues continue to hit plants

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Processing time continued to be lost last week due to staff absenteeism, and physical breakdowns, according to Thames Valley Cambac.

“The upshot was more rolled pigs and a much reduced allocation from some as we enter February. Consequently, there was no opportunity to catch up any of the backlog,” TVC said in latest market update.

Finished weights continue to be high, with some producers still struggling. The market also had to absorb some of the pigs unable to be killed in Scotland due to the closure of the major Brechin plant there.

Prices eased again, with another large fall in the SPP fuelling lower contract prices. The fresh meat market was very quiet, with some blaming January blues and a lack of cash.

Slightly more encouraging is that cull sow movements improved slightly again, but were not back to full numbers by any means.

European prices remained at similar, but price quotes in sterling were compromised by a weaker euro that ended the week down 0.66p at 88.38p.

The disruption in the slaughter market continued to filter down to affect weaner and store pig movements.

“Turnaround times are minimal, and some farms have curtailed washing out between batches, knowledgeable with the associated health issues this may bring. There were no prices quoted by AHDB,” TVC said.




By Alistair Driver / Pig World

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